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2.7.3 - Logs disabled by default?

Just got back from an awesome session of trying 2.7.3 for the first time. Got to use RTL for the first time, it worked! Pretty exhilarating.

Anyway, I get home to comb through the logs, and theres nothing. Did I miss something in setup, or are these d

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Repairing damaged RX

I managed to break the antenna off my Turnigy 9x Rx in a crash. The grey lead was cut about halfway down, disconnecting the big red heat shrink wrapped thing.

In doing this, have I severely reduced the range of my radio?

The wire looks like it's a very

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Tuning loiter

The first I took my quad out to test 2.5.3 loiter was a bit sketchy. The quad screamed from one edge of the field to the other, overshooting by a greater amount each time. (See below, it started somewhere in the middle. The pattern is about 35m acros

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Managed to burn out my GoPro

Yep, it looks like I'm that retarded. I was in the process of wiring up a USB plug up to my quad to power my GoPro. Well, I mistakenly hooked it up to 12V direct from the battery instead of regulated 5V and POP it went. A bit of smoke even came out t

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Channel 6 problems

I just installed a 6 position switch in my Tunigy 9x Tx to use as my mode selector. Previously I'd been mixing Ch5 and Ch6 to get 6 postions for modes. As a result I had nothing connected to the Ch6 input.

Now that I've reclaimed Ch6 I want to use it

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Alt hold problems

Flew for the first time in a while this morning, my first test of 2.2. I ran into an issue where in ALT_HOLD mode at low level the quad would gradually sink into the ground. From memory I had this issue with other FW versions too, so it's probably my

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Sonar cable shielding question

I've noticed a few posts claiming sonar noise can be reduced by shielding the cable. What's the consensus on how to do this? I've seen some posts saying the ground the shielding at both ends, others just one. I'd appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

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