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Log problems

So with the last couple of versions (I just tried .36) my quad has been refusing to keep logs. Today there was at least data when I typed "dump 0", but I have no idea how to turn this into a meaningful .log and .kmz file.

What am I doing wrong? Whenev

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Prop savers on quads?

I'm still not a great pilot so to protect my props I've attached some aluminium extensions to the end of each arm. These have worked great so far but are starting to get a little bent. To save weight I was thinking of using prop savers instead, is th

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Rats! Learn from my fail...

Well I had my quad tied down to a well oiled tripod in order to try and tune the yaw PID values. I ramped up the motor power to try and get a better response and then, SNAP! Here's what happened:3690867790?profile=original


I guess the motor mount isn't strong enough to hold do

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Sonar and baro issues

In the CLI when I enter the altitude test mode I never seem to get a response from the sonar. I get values that look like this:B_alt: 3801088, S_alt: -805257695B_alt: 3801096, S_alt: -805257695B_alt: 3801122, S_alt: -805257695B_alt: 3801122, S_alt: -

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CLI with Xbees problem

I just got my telemetry kit set up. Using the Ardupirates code I can connect through the configurator. However when I connect with the CLI it never seems to load the entire menu pane. I get something like this:

CLI Menu - Type your command on command

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Turnigy 9x problem

Hi all,I just received my Turnigy 9x and was in the process of calibrating it for my Arducopter when I noticed that channel 6 seems to be tied to the throttle channel for some reason. No matter what switch I allocate to channel 6 it still mirrors the

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Had an interesting crash...

I'd just fitted my sonar sensor and had taken my quad to the local park to test it out (using the pirates code). I took off, engaged altitude hold and everything looked good, until it the quad fell out of the air.

I discovered later that the crash was

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Another magnetometer question

After receiving my replacement magnetometer I think I've finally got it working. However, when I try and calibrate the offsets in the CLI (by waving it every which way) only the x and y values change while the z stays at 4096. As a result my offsets

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Yaw drift in stable mode

Hi all,

I recently got my quad all set up (DIYdrones electronics, home made frame) and I've had a couple of very short, sometimes sucessful, flights.

One thin that's bothering me is there seems to be some yaw drift when in stable mode. When I apply thr

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Tuning PID values with CLI

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to tune the PID values through the CLI? I'm running a Mac, and while I can run the configurator in virtualisation, the connection seems to be pretty sketchy.



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Magnetometer problem

Hi Guys,


I just got my APM and IMU set up. Managed to get the code loaded and the CLI working. However I'm having a problem getting the magnetometer working. When I try to calibrate the compass offsets in the CLI (by typing -c) all I get is zeros:


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