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3DR Quad APM 2.5 takes off but then lands

I take off ok, it is a little rough wants to yaw but it gets up in the air and seems to be ok. Then it starts to come down so I give it throttle.  It seems like it has less and less power and finally just lands. This takes about 15 seconds. I can rep

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Enable RAW does not seem to work

When I go into logs and type > enable raw    It should come back and show me that raw is enabled, right?

When I type enable RAW it just comes back with the logs that are already enabled with no RAW. What I am doing wrong?







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No data in MP

I am currently getting no informaiton in MP.

I am new to this and trying to work through the issues


I went to the Terminal  and did a

test GPS


it comes back with "Init GYRO"

and hangs


any ideas



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mission planner hangs when getting params

When attempting to connect it hangs on getting params. It seems to show gettijng different params each time. I can connect with a "cntrl T" (without loading params)


Sometimes it will say it received only 1 heartbeat.


This thing was working earlier bu

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