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Ublox GPS boards

OK firstly... I'm a total electronic nube.No jokes!I do how ever have something that might help people who want the ublox modules but who are not "PRO's".As a student i do have a lot of time and found this in one of my favourite shops. have a whole bunch of Ublox GPS boards.The boards feature onboard power regulators, ic drivers, Bla,don't know what they are,Bla serial ports,USB ports ect.I do believe we are however interested in the serial ports, and even more so in one of the boards that feature 2 serial datalines 2Tx 2Rx. eg. are other boards also available with the new 5H ect.Hope this is of useGerritP.s. The boards are really cheap. devide the price by 7.8 to get $

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