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Is there a known problem with KDE and xxxHawk?

So for something different I bought a CUAV Pixhack (the real one) for this current H4 Alien 680 build. To head off criticism, it is not a cheap Pixhawk clone. It is high quality hardware in a machined aluminum case with IMU dampening and no connector

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What laptop are you using with Mission Planner?

My laptop is dead; i5 HP 17". The family is tired of me borrowing theirs. After using Tower for the last several weeks and discovering "issues", I decided to go back to lugging around a laptop or making a portable version GCS so I can use Mission Pla

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Accelerometer errors in Tower

but not in Mission Planner.

'Inconsistent Accelerometer'


'Accelerometer error'

What I did do was save parameters, then swapped props and ran Auto Tune. I then switched back to the other props and loaded the saved parameters. Ever since then Tower thr

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Is Solo open source?

If not,  how does 3DR get around it? Just wondering as there are disturbances in the force claiming 3RD is violating open source licensing by not releasing the Solo code,  or are they? 

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Tower bug or AC 3.3 or???

I noticed today Tower was giving battery voltage audible updates as if the battery was fully charged, even though I flew it earlier down to 15v. I powered it down, restarted and it did the same thing at 14.8v. 

The flight screen showed the correct vol

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A warning to eCalc users

eCalc estimates for throttle @hover have grossly changed in recent versions at least for my KDE 2814XF-515 motors.

According to eCalc throttle @hover should be 65%. In reality it averages ~45% with the exact same configuration as shown below. When fir

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