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GPS malfunctioning or ???

Anyone get this error in their logs?  My Y6 would not hold position in Loiter/PosHold and it appears the hdop is increasingly exceeding 2.0. I took off in stab mode, switched to HoldPos to test, and the thing was wondering all over; I barely had cont

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3DR Video/OSD System Kit

Anyone experienced with this? I'm satisfied with the performance of my Y6 now and would like to try FPV.

 At $189.99 the price seems right. Any reason(s) not to use this system?

I already have an AV-USB adapter to start out using a laptop, may get moni

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Long distance mission flight

Has anyone flew long missions with their Y6? I'm planning a 3.8 mile flight mostly above straight roads, and will follow in the car.

A few questions:

1) What is the maximum advisable speed to fly for the most efficiency? I've been using 12-15 m/s.

2) Th

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Y6 Auto Tune question

This was probably answered, but tonight I used Auto Tune on my Y6. I noticed after doing it there is a box checked 'Lock Pitch and Roll Values'. What is that for and should it be checked?

YZ22zy2.pngAfter a few weeks of frustration and noob mistakes, I'm really

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DIY Y6 Pixhawk backup power question

I have the flying down pretty good with about 2 dozen successful manual flights and missions, but one thing that's been bothering me in the build manual is this section on 'backup power'.

One the one hand it says the zener diode is best but not requir

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Replacement CF props for Y6B 10 x 4.7 SF and SFP

My 3DR Y6B has gone through several APC 10 x 4.7 props, no fault of the props. I've had several good flights now with no broken props so would like to experiment.

Does anyone know or have a recommendation for good quality CF props to replace the SF an

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rolling right on takeoff

I'm finally getting things ironed out (I hope) on my Y6B DIY, but one issue is nagging me. My trims are set for in flight. In stab mode it hovers nice and still once off ground. Taking off though from day it wants to roll right. 

I'm using the Y6B con

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