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Oregon Star Party Aerial Video from my Quad


Hi all, I put on my Astronomy hat for the last week, we had a wonderful time with very dark skies at Oregon Star Party (OSP) this year. 

I brought my Quad, and made a couple of hours of aerial video.  I trimmed it to 14 minutes or so, here it is:

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APMLogVisualizer version 1.32, with C# Source

I've had quite a few positive comments, and also, some folks have pointed out bugs and made suggestions for improvements.
So, I fixed the bugs (all that I know of anyway), added most of the suggested features, and added a couple new features of my own.

Above is a YouTube Video that shows most of the features, and how I narrowed down the reason for my crash.

Here's the latest software:

In the following YouTube video, you can see the crash, as I had my GoPro on the copter:

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