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Where to get ESC's in the U.S.?

Hi All,

My ESC saga continues. 

I need them by tomorrow, so can't wait until china ships.  No stores here in portland have the 50 amp ESC's I need.

Does anybody have a recommendation of a store with a large stock here in the U.S.?
I could have them shipp

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Aerial Videos of Oregon Star Party

Hi all,

I put on my Astronomy hat for the last week, we had a wonderful time with very dark skies at Oregon Star Party (OSP) this year. 

I brought my Quad, and made a couple of hours of aerial video.  I trimmed it to 14 minutes or so, here it is:


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APMLogVisualizer Version 1.34

Hi all,

The new Arducopter version  2.7 version changed the log parameters in the NTUN, so APMLogVisualiser "Choked" on version 2.7 logs.  NTUN returned many bad lines that were rejected by APMLogVisualizer.  Now it can be either 2.5.5,  2.6, or 2.7,

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