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The Hollywood Reporter contributing editor Carolyn Giardina covers the continuing dispute over the use of UAV technology in filmmaking.

This Article Showcases a few different Viewpoints on the Issue, and I think it is important and topical to bring this matter to the attention of the general populace and even film industry professionals so they can be better acquainted with what the technology means for current and future filmmakers, understand that filmmaking UAVs aren't spy devices, and that these "Drones for Good" will help entertaining and compelling stories, in new, safe, and fun ways.

I managed to get a few quotes in there too hahaha!



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My company, Paralinx, is proud to debut and demonstrate the Tomahawk - a brand new Realtime HD Downlink ideal for use in FPV or remote camera operation.



Paralinx has been in development for about five years, and entered the wireless HD transmitter market on June 1st 2012 at Cinegear in Los Angeles.

We are now very excited to introduce the TOMAHAWK which is specifically engineered to be a good choice for use on small Fixed Wing and Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles. Joining us is one of the world's premiere Aerial Imaging Teams - DRONE DUDES!

The company was founded by myself and Greg Smokler - two members of the Cinematographer's Guild, and we started Paralinx because there was no Wireless HD option on the market that met our standards for quality and affordability. As camera people we are constantly being asked to provide a wireless HD monitor feed for clients, directors, our assistants, and other camera operators, and we wanted to make something easy to use and affordable enough to keep in your kit and make your money back quickly.

Through our adventures in imaging we quickly made friends with a variety of people using remote and autonomous vehicles for capturing exciting new imagery. I've been fascinated by robotics since I was just a kid, and to see where things are headed with UAVs at a DIY level has stoked my interest and desire to learn even more.

Naturally this led me to the DIY Drones site in my quest for knowledge and every day I'm blown away by the things I learn here.

I hope to meet a lot of you and share our excitement for the possibilities of Remote Imaging in conjunction with our premiere of the Tomahawk Wireless HD Transmitter.

Thanks everyone! and please don't forget to RSVP to the free event at info@paralinx.net

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