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Arducopter Lights and Leds

I was wondering if it is possible to have the onboard lights  behavior copied to some led’s connected somewhere in available outputs , for tows ho have a closed body’s for they cuadcopters .

And where are the navigational lights connected in the curre

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3 bladed prop for quadcopter

Hi ppl
I was wondering about this props :


They have them as CW and CCW , are there any advantages/disadvantages to using this kindof props in a Quadcopter ?

Ivied reed in some forms that they are not so noisy and better for takeoffs ( i supposethey war

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The freezing COLD and ArduCpoter.

The ArduCopter that I’m building well be put to use in Aerial Photography, more specific a lotof high altitude mountain shots and videos ( at less that’s my plan ) .

I want to know if there well be any problems with the IMU and MEGA functionality in t

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