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This video shows some recent flight test results from my PhD research on autonomous UAV docking, that was conducted with the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) at The University of Sydney. To the best of our knowledge, these experiments are the first time two UAVs have docked in mid-air.

Some of my other videos provide more specifics on the hardware/software, but I'm using my own autopilot, a Beaglebone Black as the formation flight computer and an Odroid U3 to do the onboard vision processing. All the guidance, navigation and control algorithms on all the hardware is developed in Simulink and automatically converted to C/C++.

The IR vision aspect is probably of interest to some of the guys doing auto-landing with IR beacons. We use a C920 with narrow bandpass filter and 940nm LED markers without modulation. It works in all lighting conditions except when looking directly at the sun where the high number of false positives are difficult to distinguish from the actual markers, but there are a number of ways to handle this infrequent situation.

There are some nice airborne shots so watch in HD!

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Martin Jetpack Job Opportunity



Hi all,

I would like to inform everyone that a flight control engineer/software developer position currently exists at Martin Aircraft Company.


Martin Aircraft is a small R&D company based in Christchurch, New Zealand which is currently in development of the Martin Jetpack. The Jetpack has been featured in the media all over the world, including being named in Time magazines “Top 50 Best Inventions of 2010”.


Essential qualities:

  • A Bachelor of Engineering
  • C/C++ programming experience
  • Proven microcontroller and electronics experience
  • Practical experience in control algorithm development and implementation (at the very least a thorough understanding of PID implementation/tuning)
  • A thorough understanding of, and practical experience with autonomous UAV and/or fly-by-wire systems (inertial sensors, GPS, software, communications etc)
  • Proficient with MATLAB
  • Must be willing/able to relocate to Christchurch, New Zealand


Highly desirable but non essential qualities:

  • GUI development experience (preferably using Qt)
  • C# programming experience
  • Some understanding of navigation algorithms (Kalman filtering etc)
  • Experience with Simulink
  • Proficient with Solidworks
  • PCB design experience
  • Some knowledge of ducted fan and basic flight dynamics


The successful applicant will effectively be my replacement as I am leaving to begin a PhD in March.


Applicants from outside of Australasia are invited to apply but will be subject to immigration/work permit rules and regulations.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, otherwise email your CV and expression of interest to dan.wilson@martinaircraft.co.nz.


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