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Received my new IRIS

Opening opening the box I noticed that everything was very well packed and well laid out. I really liked all the nice touches the came with the kit, from the wrench's, to the extra prop collets.


I made a couple of videos. Overall my impressions are very good. Out of the box I would say that it performs better than a phantom 2. I took a couple video's today with my cell so you'll have to excuse the video. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask

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Student UAS

Just got back from this years AUVSI Student UAS Competition. My team (Utah State University) took 1st place this year using a paparazzi based platform. We recorded the highest score in the history of the competition. It was a very fun event and my hats off to all those who put it on each year.
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Hard at work

Team OSAM has been working hard to get ready for the 2009 Student UAS Competition. Eventhough we are having issues with the new airframe (see http://diydrones.com/video/first-flight-of-the-new ) all is going to plan. The backup airframe is flying great and is still has that new plane smell.Our in house IMU (AggieNav) is also nearing completion... We are currently working on the kalman filter and ironing out the bugs. In other news we have started pushing harder for multiple UAV formation flights. One 48" plane has been made autonomous and another will follow soon. Unfortunately for this project the competition preparing takes up a lot of this projects time.For the competition we also have a few tricks up our sleeve that everyone will have to wait till after the competition.
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Status of Project

Team OSAM just finished surveying a couple thousand feet of road with our high resolution camera in very narrow canyon. We also recently did a multiple uav formation flight (my baby). In addition to this austin recently wrote some new functions for the paparazzi navagtion scheme. The two function are bungee takeoff which will automatically turn on the throttle after the bungee stake has been cleared along with the bungee detaching and also a flower function which makes the plane fly continuously in a pattern that resembles a flower.We are currently working on flying a 5 miles sqaure section of area using a high resolution camera to geo-reference the photos in RGB and NIR. In addition to that we are working on a navigation function which will survey a polygon (sector) in a much more precise manner than before and that has the ability to know when it is finished. This is all using paparazzi of course.Our Team Project Site is http://www.engr.usu.edu/wiki/index.php/OSAM
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