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Piksi RTK for sale

Our Piksi RTK Kit includes everything you need to get a RTK configuration that works plug and play.

2x OEM Piksi Modules
2x 433MHz radio modem
2x 433MHz antennas
2x radio cables
2x Micro-USB cables
2x external GPS antennas Linx Technologies

2x ABS pr

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Talon wing extensions

Hello to all,

I have been flying X-UAV Talon for 2 years on mapping projects, once I saw there was a possibility to include wing extensions so you would get more lift to carry more batteries an increase your flight time.  However they were discontinue

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Today I was flying my quadcopter with arducopter 3.1.2 and APM 2.6 with Ublox GPS, vibration levels where excellent between 0.4 and -0.4 on X and Y and 0.4 -0.4 around 9.8 on Z axis, alt hold and loitter where working perfectly, so I decided to

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GPS no FIX (Solved)


First of all I am electronic engineer and I almost loose my hair trying to solve the no fix with my GPS.


Hardware: APM2.6

SOFT. arducopter 3.01

GPS: 3dr Ublox with compass


hexacopter with T-motor

6 ESC 45 Amp with 3A 5V Bec


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