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Pixhawk i2c not working

I'm having difficulties getting anything to work out of my i2c port. I talked to tech at 3d robotics and did a bunch of tests, we were unable to figure out the failure. I cannot get anything working from this connection on the board. Everything else

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Mission Planner KML output not working

Anyone having troubles generating a KML file once they do their flight planning? The earlier versions of mission planner seem to work fine but the newest versions generate a file that has no flight line information. When I load the KML into google ea

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Canon DSLR signal Output

Hey all, 

I'm using a canon 5DS to aerial map, i'm trying to find a way to record a pulse from the camera so my IMU can record when an image is taken. I have tried the hot shoe, but it seems to only send a signal when a flash is connected and the sign

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Canon 5DS roll gimbal issues

I know this is a drones forum, I have drones but this is for my full sized aircraft. I built a roll gimbal to do aerial mapping for projects like pipelines, rivers, roads etc.  

Aircraft - Pipistrel Virus SW

Gimbal controller - Phobotic Centrepiece HV.

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Ground Control Point - Equipment used?

I'd like to discuss ground control points for UAV mapping. I'm looking at improving the accuracy of my mapping to -1m accuracy. The most affordable unit I have been able to find is the Bad Elf Surveyor gps unit available for $600 and have -1M accurac

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Flatmap setup with Pixhawk controller

I'm setting up a mapping UAV. Skywalker with pixhawk. I have installed a flatmap gimbal to stabilize camera for better results but have not been able to figure out how to connect it to the Pixhawk. I know that connections RC9/10 are used for roll and

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