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RTL Set-up

About a month ago there was a RTL set-up on the configuration screen. It allowed you to set the altitude you wanted your quadcopter to climb to when RTL was engaged, the speed it would return to the launch point, and what altitude it would go to once

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DJI OPTO ESC Confusion

I recenlty purchased a DJI 450 with the DJI motors and ESC. I also purchased the APM 2.5 for the controller. It's all built and I have been trying to calibrate the DJI ESCs with no luck. I have tried the automatic calibration as well as the manual wi

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Some Basic Mission Planner Questions

I have a few basic questions about setting different throttle positions in the mission planner. For example, if I am in straight and level flight I probably only need about 50% power. If I'm in a climb than I probably need 80 to 100 percent, and desc

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