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Flying Arducopter indoors

Hi all, I'm kind of in a bind and could use some advice.  I am working on my thesis and am developing a quadrotor for indoor machine learning purposes, and I mainly have access to a lab space that's about 25'x25'x10' tall.  

Our lab:


My quadrotor is 39

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mavlink & matlab

So after some searching I haven't found much for using Matlab with mavlink.  There is an active project using simulink but that isn't a whole lot of use to me.  So I have started working on writing a matlab project that can receive and display mavlin

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Custom External "GPS"

Hi all, I'm working on sending GPS data to my APM using a SLAM algorithm and am stuck.  I soldered between pins 2 and 3 on the GPS and have it hooked up to the 4-pin UART1 (not the DF13 plug).  So far I am just sending these static messages at 38400

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ROS, rgbdslam and APM

Hi all, not really a question, just wanted to fill you in a little.  After some work using Yogesh's original roscopter code and modifying it heavily (here's a link) I am working on my next project, using a SBC along with an APM to perform indoor navi

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ROS, APM and the Kinect

All - I thought I would post on here about the project I recently finished.  This was a project for my university.  The goal for this project was to do some form of tracking with the kinect using ROS and send output commands to the APM via MAVLink.  

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Motor and Propeller Test Set?

Hi, I'm looking for a device that can collect data from a Motor and a Propeller, running at a duty cycle corresponding to the range of a motor's voltage, to measure and analyze the following parameters:-Propeller RPM-Current Draw-Lift GeneratedAnd fr

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New Groundstation Software

Hey Guys,

I have a dilemna with my Ground Station software for my Quad-Rotor.  My current setup uses software I wrote for LabView using Google Maps, but they came out with a new version of their API and my software doesn't get the maps anymore.  So th

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Test Stand

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this discussion.  If it isn't, mod's please move.

Through the build of my QuadRotor, I have come to the realization that tuning the control system, experimentation and general flying practice needs to be safel

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