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3689707263?profile=originalHey i'm back, some good news!  After many years of community development, searching and building most efficient UAV for eco mission with less money to spent finally months of testing and much witnessed by our FPV and UAV community a new era of super portable size autonomous drone was born.  Its last flight was covering at 72.6km in 90 minutes in stormy wet weather. The mini Wing Wing Z-84 (845mm) that was marketed as park flyer and surfing toy around beaches have found its new purpose.  Flown multiples of flights, distances, various weather condition and also spawn many variant for various mission this tiny Z-84  UAV proven that smaller fixed wing perform better, lighter and far more efficient both cost and mission task for less than USD$300 budget.  It has indirectly promoted and inspired home based drone builder community to jump into micro autonomous flight bandwagon and learn few things about robotic flights.  So far  community participation into building small sized UAV have been very positive and many people have already successfully flown their wings. 

3689707157?profile=originalThe use of autonomous flight controller such as APM/PX4 has risen.   Most people interested building this wonderful arm sized wing not because its cheap and tiny but also more simple to build as UAV than traditional FPV setup.   Plus the use of unconventional battery such as mythical Li-on battery have now widely use among commoner, breaking myth about its capability among fixed wing flyer thus the demand of Li-on battery on fixed wing now rises too.  This proven once again that small and cheap things matters.  It seems that more and more manufacturer started build delta wings to cater this latest trends among forumers online especially budget builders and budget aerial mapping capabilities.


For those interested to build their own mini size UAV (Z-84) you can start reading some blog setup here.
Build links: http://www.supermotoxl.com/fpvuav-models-builds-and-flight-reviews/589-uav-wing-wing-z-84-845mm

Also you can join community of open builder for discussion, sharing and guides. 
Forum groups: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2725674-Wing-Wing-Z-84-%28845mm%29-72-6km-long-range-90-minutes-stormy-rain-flight

Other than for leisure flight, more people start to build it for portable long range aerial surveillance, forest conservation monitoring, ecology task, humanitarian works, wild life protection, off-shore piracy patrol and other mission that was once dominated by bigger and expensive UAV now been replace with more affordable and portable long range drone.  Ok thats all for my latest news this month.  We are right now working on our latest super light new fixed UAV project and classes for our young generation of UAV enthusiast.  So stay tuned for my latest updates and don't forget to join our communities of UAV builder at our forum.  Cheers.


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