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Cabbage Case for fixed wing or equipment.

I have a gently used cabbage case for sale. I crashed the plane I used to house in this case and moved to a larger frame that will not fit. The box was originally bought for an event38 e384 (1900mm wingspan and 1300mm length) but I bought a sky walke

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Help confirming crash origin.

I suspect equipment failure as my desired pitch and roll were vastly different than the observed and my vibrations went off of the chart at the same time.  Does the mag interference typically correlate with this as well?   

I'm running copter version

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Slight crash during autotune


Second time posting here.  I am flying a 550mm hex, with pixhawk v2 on version 3.3.3.  I was performing an autotune using ch5 as my alt hold and ch8 for my autotune.  I believed to have my voltage moniter on 10.5v but somehow as the autotuning pr

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