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I'm proud to share Leonid Plekhanov, our CEO interview at CES'2019:

We showcased our GET Air product at CES'2019 (first time ever!). Please take a look at photo-video report on our website — really good piece of information where you can see our system in industrial design:
We also were able to get FCC experimental license in December (which is a big step forward), right before CES, so we demonstrated system in action.
About GET
Global Energy Transmission (GET, US corporation) uniquely enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safely and quickly recharging while still in flight. Drones simply hover for a short time (few minutes!) in one of our large charging area, which can be installed kilometers apart along flight routes, and inside. GET offers GET Air solution which includes Ground Station for wireless power transmission and commercial grade drones equipped with built-in GET technologies, including Wireless Power Receiving system and Rapid Battery Charging pack.
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We are delighted to invite you to CES 2019 where we showcase GET Air products based on distant wireless power technology – first time ever!

We are proud to present GET Air Turnkey Solution (

  • Full scale Charging Station in product-ready design.
  • GET Air industrial class drones equipped with our wireless power receiving system and rapid battery pack.
  • Live demonstration of GET distant wireless charging.

Our key team members will be glad to answer your questions, give additional information and issue pre-orders!

Click ‘register now’ on to get your pass!

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GET will showcase its AUVSI Xponential top innovation award winning technology ( at Drone Berlin, September 25 - 26.

Come see us to discover the miracle of wireless powered flight, explore how the GET Air industrial platform revolutionaizes what you can do with drones today, and reserve your pre-order number for free (!

If you missed - enjoy two-hours flight video with alternating cycles of wireless charging right in the air (!

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About GET
GET is the world leader in distance wireless power transmission. An electrically powered drone can recharge and fly indefinitely via efficient safe high power in-flight rapid recharging in a GET power hotspot. The company’s distance wireless charging technologies uniquely enable drone delivery and many other industrial applications.

Today electric drone flight time is just 15 to 30 minutes before batteries must be recharged or swapped. GET’s breakthrough Wireless Power Flight Platform enables battery-powered drones to fly forever between power hotspots. The Platform combines our proprietary wide-area wireless power hotspots with commercial grade drones equipped with our onboard lightweight wireless power receiving antenna and rapid charging system.

GET’s power hotspots wirelessly charge drones on the fly at a rate of over 5 kW per drone at 80% efficiency. Placing power hotspots at 3 to 5 mile intervals enables cost-effective continuous flight across the wireless power cloud network. Power hotspots are safe, operated well within world health organization guidelines, and have no interference with other communications or electronics.

GET’s Wireless Power Flight Platform enables continuous drone parcel deliveries and many other drone-based services in the energy and utilities, construction, security, mapping and surveying, oil and gas, public safety, and agriculture sectors.

GET joins over 8500 unmanned vehicle industry leaders for the AUVSI Xponential Conference held this May 1-3 in the Denver, Colorado Convention Center.

Come meet us and learn about the miracle of wireless powered flight at our exhibitor Booth 3439 – click to find more

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Wireless Power Solution for Drones

Wirelessly powered drone by GET technology from GET corp on Vimeo.

Our team of world-class engineers continues working on wireless power technology, and we aim to deliver industrial solution next year – to provide safe and efficient high-power long distance wireless power transmission, and deploy wireless power networks for drones in cities across the globe.

We are glad to present new video of the drone powered completely wirelessly by GET technology (as many suggested in their feedback, this time we made the flight without a tether) – enjoy and share!

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Our company GET (Global Energy Transmission) has built and successfully tested the world’s first prototype hardware that can wirelessly power heavy drones over long distances. The prototype shows, that we can build a cell-tower like power network for drones, so that drones can safely grab enough energy in seconds to fly payloads across the charging network to stay aloft indefinitely or reach delivery destinations. 

The key feature of the technology is a long length flexible transmission cord, which forms area of energy reception with a distance of up to 20 meters from the cord. Separately, each drone should be supplied with special receiving hardware.

The transmission cord concept allows us to offer unique solution for industrial applications since such cord can be placed around the building, construction, or any other object, providing wireless power for drones, which can operate in a 24x7 mode in the dedicated area without recharging. This can be used for monitoring, security and other applications. 

Additionally, using such transmission cord, we aim to deploy charging spots for drones, making wireless power network for them. How it works:

•           Charging spots can be located on the top of the roofs/in dedicated areas

•           Drones can be charged on the fly (over the charging spot and in 10-20 meters from it)

•           During several seconds, drone can grab amount of energy which is enough to jump to another spot in a several miles distance

Key competitive advantages compare with other solutions:

•           Waterproof, works at any weather

•           No necessary of precious positioning

•           Charging multiple drones simultaneously without limitation (up to maximum output power of the transmitter)

•           Preliminary research shows lower costs for manufacturing, installation and usage

We are sure this solution will fully disrupt commercial drone-enabled services, especially for commercial delivery and monitoring.

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