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Another 0cto design

Trying to make something a little more compact than my last design-still haven't had that one in the air-snow and cold!! Anyway I have a 550mm octo with 240mm plates turning 12" props. Working on getting the pixhawk setup now. Bought a 3d printer so

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arducopter flight problems

I built the a big heavy lift that I have been posting about on here using a Pixhawk. Before i put it in the air i wanted to experiment with something smaller so I built a hex with a ardupilot. 2212-920 motors multistar 20a slim and n8m gps. Got it in

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New heavy lift design


3691247388?profile=originalPlates are 2.4mm carbonfiber/kevlar Red over cf cross lay. All parts are cut. Its 12" across so the arms are shorter. Aluminum folding arms (16x12mm cf tube) I tested the heavy 16 mm tube and its very strong. I designed the retracts with 2 motors per

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Design a hexacopter with coaxial rotors

I am working on a hexacopter using 12 motors in a coaxial configuration but connecting the motors with a y connection. I have been reading everything I can about coaxial motors and the configurations. With the design I am doing i was thinking on doin

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