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Modified Y6

How many of you are not happy with the landing gear for your Y6?  I bought my 3DR kit last winter and mounted the Tarot 2D gimbal platform but after a hard landing and a broken gimbal mount, I decided to research and find something better.  My final

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Y6B Pusher Motors Running Hot

Not sure if this has been discussed, but I've conducted 6 test flights of my Y6B and after running for 10 minutes in Loiter each flight I've felt the motors and observed the upper motors are relatively cool and the lower ones hot enough to fry eggs o

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Having Issues with A10 & A11

My Hexa-C came preassembled from 3D Robotics and my first discussion (No Connection/No Hearbeat) was finally corrected but now I have a new problem.

The copter was ordered with a pitch controlled servo platform and the the intermediate cable (red, whi

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