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Number of channels

I am operating the 433 MHz radios at a narrower range ~2MHz.

 I was wondering what was the right way to choose the number of channels based on frequency width of transmission


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Arduplane with second pixhawk

Would like to setup a second pixhawk that would crash the plane (full down elevator) if for whatever reason the plane has deviated more than 100 m buffer from the geofence set on the main pixhawk.

 This is for additional safety and would also ensure t

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29inch Quad U8 motors

A small clip from the high efficiency quad using 29 inch 3 blades props running of U8 135KV motors and 6S batteries.

 The setup delivers ~35 min with 16,000 6S lipo and 1.8 Kg useful payload.

 More scope for extended endurance beyond 40 minutes with la

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CHDK with arduino problem/help

So I have this Canon ELPH 300HS, I am using an arduino pro mini at 5v to trigger using the E38_APM script but with no luck. The camera sounds like it triggers and takes a shot but no picture is saved.

The pulse is 50ms high from arduino so I am not su

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Re-establishing telemetry

Often I would loose telemetry and it is not possible to re-establish the link while the system is flying.

 Especially with auto missions it is rather frustrating if the system goes out of range and then there is no telemetry for the rest of the flight

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Ch7_OPT equivalent in arduplane


 I am trying to setup CAM_TRIG_DIST in arduplane but there is no CH7_OPT available.

 My device, an arduini mini, works fine if I use signal pass-through to the axillary channel but it doesn't get triggered with CAM_TRIG_DIST.


I am using PIXHA

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