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Can't get in the air.

It has been awhile since my quadcopter has flown and I am having trouble getting started again. First, I got an error 99, bad compass health... Even though I have never had trouble with my compass. I reloaded firmware (and switched to ArduRover and b

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Bad Compass Health

Hi.  I am struggling.  Haven't flown for a year and can't seem to arm my copter.  Hooked it up to the latest mission planner and it's getting a 'Bad Compass Health' Error.  This is even though the compass seems to be fine and it returning the right h

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Quadcopter Ground Speed - 58 mph

Hi everyone!  As I've been flying my quadcopter, I was curious as to how fast it was going.  I used some velcro to attach my Garmin Nuvi to it and reset the trip odometer.  I clocked my quadcopter at 58 miles per hour.  So... I was wondering:


Has any

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Dangerous RTL

Hi Everyone.  I am having some issues with RTL.  It's flight path seems rather unpredictable.  In the screenshot below I indicate my home position and the position of my RTL start.  Rather than pick a nice straight path.  My hexcopter dived toward me

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20 great flights, then chaos....

Hi Everyone,

  I've had about 20 great flights with my hexcopter.  It's done great (except for two in air full motor stops - no idea of the cause, but it recovered).  I went outside to fly for a few minutes and I almost lost my hexcopter.  My remote i

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ESC Calibration issue

Hi.  The wiki states that Automatic ESC calibration works with some ESC's but not others.  I experienced something a bit different... and am wondering why.


In my case I was using a Futaba T8FG and successfully did an Automatic ESC calibration on my h

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Sizes of Hex parts in the DIYDrones Store

Hi.  Can anyone tell me the approximate dimensions of the following parts that are in the diydrones store?


ArduCopter Hexa 3DR Replacement Base Cap

ArduCopter Hexa 3DR Replacement Frame Body Bottom

ArduCopter Hexa 3DR Replacement Frame Body Top


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Failsafe Question

The following info is in the wiki for Failsafe:

 It is likely you may accidentally trigger failsafe by turning off the radio accidentally. This may cause the AC to lift off and hover 10m above its current location.  

Does this mean if your hexcopter is

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