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Large-load agricultural spraying drones have been needed by more and more people.

They can greatly shorten pesticide spraying time. Large-flow atomized spraying ensures the spraying effect of drones.

One-click take-off is safe and labor-saving.

Hereby share a new launched agricultural drone which requires buyers to assemble themselves.


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Pressure nozzles and centrifugal nozzles are suitable for different spraying needs due to different sizes of spray droplets. For example, for insecticides , prefer to be 10-50μm ,suitable for pressure nozzles, especially for palm trees, plantains, etc..For herbicides and Nutrients, the optimal size is 100-500 μm ,and centrifugal nozzle is more suitable. Especially for rice, wheat, fruits and other crops which requires small atomization diameter to get uniform and fine, and reduce the damage. During spraying operations, the nozzles can be quickly switched to achieve the best drug effect.
Sharing a tutorial video about chaging the Nozzles. Welcome to discuss more about the agri drone tech ~

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To prolong the lifespan of your drone, regular maintenance ensures that the device performs at its best in future operations with fewer malfunctions and improved efficiency. Here are some maintenance methods divided into two situations:

1. Cleaning After Operation

The equipment needs to be cleaned after using corrosive liquids such as pesticides. You can follow the cleaning steps:

①Fill the tank with soapy water or the laundry powder. Start spraying to clean pesticide residues in the spraying system.

②Fill the tank with clean water and start spraying to wash off residual soapy water or the laundry powder in the spraying system. Place the empty tank in the aircraft and start spraying until all pipes are drained, avoiding damage to other devices during transportation or storage.

③Wipe the surface of the aircraft to remove potion stains and mud. Empty the tank and drain the pipes if the aircraft needs to be transferred or will not be used for an extended period.

2. Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance should check and repair body structure, power system, spraying system, and power system timely.

①Drone frame: Check if any screw on the frame is loosening or missing, the components including landing gears, fuselage, arms, motors and antennas are in good condition, the connectors of each component are firmly in position, whether they have oxidized, and if the battery plug is deformed, check if the frame and components are breakages and cracks.

②Propulsion System: Check if the propellers, motors and ESCs are cracked or deformed, if any fixing screw is loosening or missing.

③Spray System: Check the wear of pump and tank, and check if the pump connectors have come loose or oxidized, etc.

④Power System: Before and after the use of the power device, you should check and clean each component including the battery plug and socket, ensuring that the power socket remains clean, dry and free of foreign objects.

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Here I will introduce how to upgrade the EPS200's turntable.

As the new turntable is embedded with metal sowing blades, thickened and reinforced, which is more wear-resistant and not easy to deform, prolonging the service life.

Step1: Loosen the bottom knob, and take out the old turntable.


Step 2:Place the new turntable and align it with the screw hole positions, tighten the knob, then the turntable is upgraded successfully.



EPS200Pro also deeply optimized steering gear, control module and cables, making the spreader more stable and better performance. The modular design makes all parts can be replaced separately and conveniently. Follow EFT to get the latest product trends and preferential information.

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The stirring function of spreader can make blocky or sticky particles more uniform, and spreading operation smoother. Take EFT's spreader as an example to introduce how to quickly upgrade EPS200's stir bar to stir plate.

Step: Disassemble the spreader from the tank, remove the top screw, take out the stir bar, install the new stirring plate, then tighten the screw, the stirring bar is upgraded successfully.


As you can see, the umbrella-shaped metal stirring plate increased the force area and stir with greater power, which makes sowing smooth and non-blocking.

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Aerial spreading can protect land and seedlings, and is more and more used in agricultural work such as fertilization,seeding ,feeding etc., efficient and affordable. Based on the EPS200, the EPS200Pro deeply optimizes the stirring plate, turntable, and control Module,etc., better performance, and it can spread smoothly for heavy-duty mixed material operations and wet & sticky materials.



Strong Stirring, Smooth Spreading

The newly upgraded EPS200Pro has metal stirring plate with a wider force area, the stirring plate can uniformly stir wet or blocked material under greater stirring power and separate sticky granules by strong rotation to avoid clogging. Umbrella-shaped metal design is easy to clean and anti-corrosion. Working with 360°adjustable valve, it can spread precisely and smoothly.


Upgrade Turntable, Strong and Durable

The turntable is embedded with metal blades, which is strong, compressive and wear-resistant . Under high-speed rotation, the granules quickly falls and evenly distributed, with an effectively spreading width of 12m. For large area rice sowing, fertilization, slope fertilization can be done easily and quickly.



Wiring Upgrade, Safe and Stable

EPS200Pro thicken cables and pins for enhanced current resistance and easy plug-in. The control module has also been deeply optimized, upgraded the internal motherboard circuit, the maximum power increased to 180w, and the wide voltage range expanded to 24V-80V, which can effectively prevent motherboard damage caused by over-voltage and over-current due to abnormal situations. The sealed waterproof design from the inside out, prolongs the lifespan , ensures the stable and efficient operation in various weather conditions.12175096870?profile=RESIZE_400x


Under the CAN control mode, It has speed feedback, valve angle feedback, blocking alarm, valve fault alarm, over-temperature, over-voltage alarm and other fault warning functions , which can real-time monitor the operation status, accurate fault diagnosis, and quick maintenance, thereby extending the product lifespan.


Universal Mounting, Multi-scenario Application

The EPS200Pro continues the tool-free quick release design with a universal interface, which can match with various types of aircraft. It's small and portable, very suitable for outdoor operations. It can sowing 0.5~6mm granules, applies to various scenarios such as grass seeding, fertilization, feeding etc.



Both the EPS200Pro and EPS200 takes modular structure design. EPS 200 can quickly be upgraded by replacing some parts.

All parts can be placed on official store directly:



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1. What parts are needed to assemble an agriculture drone?

To install a final agricultural drone, the following parts are required: drone frame, spreading system, spraying system, motor set, control system, and power system. All of these parts can be purchased separately. Here are some recommended suppliers, such as EFT's drone frame, SIYI's remote controller, JIYI's flight control, TATTU's battery. It is recommended to buy drone parts from Brand and reliable manufacturers,  which can ensure the stability of the whole drone and reduce the after-sales cost. The following are all the parts needed for a drone for your reference.12163670871?profile=RESIZE_710x


2. What You Need to Know When Select Drone Parts?


①Frame selection. The priority consideration goes to whether to choose a four-axis or six-axis drone frame. Six-axis frame is more stable for large load, while four-axis frame with small size is convenient to transport and suitable for outdoor operation, it is easy for newbie to get started. Drone frames from big-brand manufacturers are highly recommended, which could be more stable and durable.

②Motor set selection. The outer diameter of the frame arm needs to be taken into account when purchasing, the wrong size will cause mismatch. The load also needs to be considered, the heavier the load, the larger the motor required. You can select an integrated motor set directly, or buy motor, Base, and paddles separately because welding them by yourself can be cheaper. If you buy the spare parts separately, please note that the paddles and motors must match the correct CW and CCW code, and each drone must have the same number of CW and CCW.

③Flight control selection. Standard flight control for agriculture drones such as K++ . The open-source flight control requires strong software development skills which is not recommended to beginners.

④Battery selection. There are smart batteries and pouch batteries for drones. The battery must be selected according to the frame to avoid overloading or insufficient power supply. The most common battery on the market is TATTU. The battery interface model and communication protocol also should be cared

Below is a chart of some frames with recommended motor and battery for reference.


3. How to assemble? 2 Tutorial videos for your reference.

Assembly tutorial for 10-20L classic drone frame:

With simple structure and low cost, the classic drone frame with small load has always been a salable frame. It is very suitable for newbie or use in countries with 25kg restrictions. The assembly video below is for reference.


Assembly tutorial for 20L-30L plug-in drone frame

The popular plug-in drones can quickly switch between spraying and spreading. The tank and battery adopt the plug-in installation, which makes plug and unplug easier. For detailed assembly steps, please refer to the video below.

Note: For security, it is recommended to finish all installation before inserting battery and powering on. The propellers are suggested to be installed after all debugging has been completed.



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Previously, I introduced how to spray with Manual Operation Mode and A-B Route Operation Mode. Today, I highly recommend you use the more intelligent operation mode —— fully auto operation mode. It can plan route and avoid obstacles accurately. However, you should set blocks, measure and plan it in advance, which requires more preparation. Taking the Z series holistic system as an example.

Step 1.Click Agri Assistant >Connect> H12/MK15 >Ground Plan > New Plot.

Step 2.Select the planning method①Handheld GPS(RTK point device) ②Flight GPS ③Map Selection ④Waypoint planning. Method① and ② are widely used.

Step 3.Set Ground Name, move the handheld point device or fly the aircraft to the field, click the Boundary Point on the right side of screen to add dots in turn.

Step 4.About obstacles, move handheld point device or fly the aircraft to the obstacles, click Obstacle Point. There are two methods to mark it, Polygon barrier point and Circle obstacle area. Note that if you select Polygon barrier point, use the Boundary Point to dot. Handheld RTK point are recommended.


Step 5.Click “Save” after all operations are done, tap on the left, select the newly saved plot, click Share > Confirm, the plot information is listed in Block Data.

Step 6.Tap, select the plot, adjust the route and click “Start”, then check the parameters according to prompt. Click Confirm and Slide Right Start to take off.


You can select the desired mode for spray according to the application scenarios. What kind of work mode have you used? Welcom to share your opinion.

*The above steps are for reference only.  Please refer to product use manual when using.


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Last time I introduced how to use manual operation mode for spraying. Today, I will continue to take the Z series holistic system as an example to share another work mode—A-B Route Operation Mode, which can form a straight route line between two points.

There are two methods can enter the AB operation mode:

Method 1:

1.Click Agri Assistant >Connect> H12/MK15 >Start

2.Complete the preflight inspection and unlock for takeoff in Attitude Mode.

3.After takeoff, fly to the field where you want to work. After the aircraft stabilizes, click “A” to enter the AB operation mode. Click the A near your side to add point A. Detailed flight parameters will appear on the screen. Set the parameters, then push the stick forward, fly the aircraft to the other side of the field and click “B” to add point B.12144459101?profile=RESIZE_710x

4.After adding point AB, click “Start”, then choose “To the left” or “To the right” then the aircraft can automatically identify the planned route.


Method 2:

1.Fly to the field where you want to work. After the aircraft stabilizes, move the left lever on the side close to you. Switch Attitude to Auto mode, and then fly to the A position to add point A , the detailed flight parameters will appear on the screen. After setting the parameters, push the lever forward, fly the aircraft to the other side to add point B.

2.After adding point A and B, fully push the right stick to the left or right, and the aircraft can automatically identify the planned route.


In the next article, I will introduce you the last spraying operation mode. If you have any question, welcome to share your opinion.

*The above steps are for reference only.  Please refer to product use manual when using.


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There are three operation modes for agriculture drones during spraying. Manual Operation Mode, A-B Route Operation Mode, and Auto Operation Mode. Today, I will take the Z series holistic system solution as an example to share how to operate the manual operation mode with you.

Step 1. Open Agri Assistant App on remote controller, click Connect> H12/MK15 >Start.


Step 2. Tap “Spray” in the top information bar, set Spray Type to “Spray Auto” , set the Hec Dosage and Disc speed, then switch Spray type to “Spray Manual”, tap screen to confirm. Take off the aircraft in the Attitude Mode, fly to the field, switch to the Manual Operation Mode, then operate the aircraft by sticks, press C and D to spray.




The manual operation mode can apply to various complex fields, but it requires skilled flyer to operate. In the next article, I will introduce a simpler spraying work mode to you guys. If you have any question, welcome to share your opinion.

 *The above steps are for reference only.  Please refer to product use manual when using.

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In recent years, with the rapid popularity of drones, more and more agricultural drones have appeared in farmland. However, due to the high price of the finished drone, many people turn their attention to the assembled drone when purchasing.

For startups or DIY enthusiasts, there are currently two options to save money. The first option is to buy parts from traders, such as frames, flight control remotes, batteries, etc. You can choose different configuration models according to your budget.

This way is cheap, but you should study the configurations and find the proper components, as well as a long time to assemble and debug. You may also face the problems of scattered parts, single function, poor fit and much after-sale problems, which saves money but laborious.

The second option is to choose holistic system solution,which can refer EFT' Z series , It is full set with higher configuration ,but shipping in CKD which is friendly for duty, easier to operate and can get comprehensive technical support. The performence is close to DJI, but the price is about 30% cheaper than finished same level drone.

Watch the video below for details.


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The new agricultural drone assembly solution ——Z series, adopt humanized structure design.Fully optimized customer operating experience,easier and more convenient. Equip with arm handle buckle and the smart sensor can real-time monitor the arm status, effectively prevent the crash caused by the loose arm . Also the double inlets,smoother pouring. And Z-type folding structure makes it smaller and easier to transport.

This video comes from EFT company.

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Have you been troubled by many scattered modules and messy wiring in the aircraft cabin?

Have you noticed that inside the conventional assembled drone, the wiring is very complicated,easily wrong connection and difficult troubleshooting? And the scattered modules often encounter incompatibility, cause some functions are unavailable and lower the performance of the whole drone.

As a senior participant in the UAV assembly industry—EFT Company, just launched Z-series integrated module flight control which can effectively solves the above problems.

Below is the video of product assess for your reference.


Summary of the features :
Integrated modular design, RTK, flight control and receiver can be plug and play, free debugging.
Easy to operate and better waterproof
Neat layout and simplified maintenance
Customized firmware and protocol for smoothly interconnected of whole drone, greatly upgrade intelligent effect .

If you have new requirements or ideas for assembling agricultural drones, welcome to contact us.

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The cost of assembly drones is relatively low, gradually getting popular with ordinary farmers and plant protection service teams.

However, there are some disadvantages of assembly drones, such as low intellegence, complex debugging, messy wiring etc.,which are bother most assembler dealers and service providers.

For above cases, EFT developed the Z series holistic smart drone system solution .
Z series drone solution innovatived in structure,and configured with intelligent linkage system , deep integration of software and hardware, professional comprehensive inspection to ensure the quality . Realized more convenient , more intelligent and precise , more stable and durable.


If you are interested ,welcome to contact us to learn more .

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Drone spraying pesticides has become more and more popular, which is cheaper and more efficient than traditional manual spraying. However, But sowing and fertilizing, most small farmers still work in the traditional way.

One is a complete drone with spraying and spreading functions, such as DJI and XAG. Another is spraying drone, which can be upgraded to an all-round agricultural drone by a detachable spreader. For example, the V2.0 granule spreader is integrated structure and tool-free,easy for pilots to modify and adapt to all open source flight controllers. For pilots or agricultural service teams, the cost of investment and replacement is lower.It can sow rice, wheat, soybean, cotton, etc. evenly and efficiently at 360°, or fertilize.

With the development of technology, drones are becoming more powerful and easier to assemble and operate. This is conducive to the majority of farmers to easily farm, reduce costs and increase income.

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As an effective measure to reduce agricultural production costs and solve labor shortage,UAV precision spreading and fertilization technology has been promoted by various countries.


Drones improve agricultural planting efficiency

Nowadays, "drone direct planting" technology has been vigorously promoted in South Korea as an alternative measure to cope with the shortage of rural labor. The South Korean government plans to invest 15 billion won by 2025 to expand the direct seeding area to 10% of the total rice planting area (13,000 hectares). Drone spreading can precise and quantitative sowing, which can help farmers effectively save 30% of seed per hectare. Efficient and precise operation reduce labor costs by 90% and operating costs by 85%.


Drones help the development of agricultural intelligence in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian countries are increasingly shifting from traditional to modern agriculture. Currently, 2,000-3,000 agricultural drones are flying in the fields in Thailand, only cover 20% of the farmland area, 90% of the drones are used for spraying pesticides , and the drone spreading market is growing steadily.More and more agricultural drones are flying into farmland to help farmers increase production and income.




The intelligentization and dataization of agricultural machinery is a trend, and the low-cost and high-efficiency aerial work tools of drones will be adopted by more and more farms.

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Sustained high agricultural production is an important factor for social stability and development. Are drones worth investing in agricultural production? Let’s take a look at the research from india.
The team found manual spraying used more insecticides and water than drone-enabled spraying. Farmers used one liter of insecticide mixed with 160 liters of water for an acre of jasmine fields. Meanwhile, drone spray reduced the consumption to 750 ml of insecticide with 40 liters of water. Roughly, Drones can reduce chemical use by 10-30%, spraying an acre field in just 15 minutes. Combining farm chemical, water and labor costs, drone spraying can save $8-10 per hectare.

As an important equipment for agricultural production upgrading, intelligent agricultural drones will become more and more cost-effective, flying in the fields to increase farmers' production and income, and protect global food security.

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