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how solo gimbal works


I have little knowledge at this field. I know that Solo gimbal is 3X and suppose to tilt and pan. I just don't know how the pan works. I move right corner of the control wheel to see whether the camera will pan left and right but see nothing. Is my

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Need 3D Fix

Hi Alls.

I'm sorry to put up one question by another. After I update my firm ware because of the control show all 0 value. Then the problem start. When i start to dis arm is show PreArm: Need 3D Fix.I don't know what is that and where to look for. I h

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Show 00 Vlt at control screen.

My Iris+ show no voltage at the control. All lights are up and other figures had shown.The battery is full charged but the screen show 00 vlt. I change other 2 batteries show same. What I have to look for. Also frequently have to re calibrate the rad

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FPV picture running

Hi everyone.

I had solve the previous problem with the help of the forum user Mr Steve Foster. Now I have another problem with my FPV live view. Please check the attach video file. The monitor is from 3Dr and the channel was at Div band B and channel

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Where to plug in

My previous discussion was channel 1 no signal. My remote show not data.So I try to open the top cover of Iris+ to see anything that came loose. After I open the cover I saw one harness from the receiver was not plug in. I don't know is accidentally

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Channel 1 no signal

My Iris+ won't start and I look at the control the dot is way off from right bottom for disarm. So I try to calibrate and it show the error message of "Channel 1 no signal. I've 0 experience for the system. Just know  to fly only. But I can take apar

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Mavlink error, Device not found

I'm very new to this hobby. I'm using Nexus 7 2013 to connect to telemetry radio for  mission planner and follow me fly. But I can't connect to it. It get the error massage of "Mavlink error. Device not found. When I switch to my SamSaung Note 3 phon

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Is compactible

I plug 3DR 914 MHZ to SamSaung Glaxy Pad 4. The green light on the radio was not light look like not powered and cannot connect to Mavlink. But I plug into my SamSaung Note 3 phone is lid and connect. Any idea what I am doing wrong or SamSaung Pad no

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