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MinimOSD support SIDE BY SIDE 3D mode


Hello everyone!

In the market for several years, has a variety 3D FPV camera from different companies - FPV3DCAM, EMRLabs, NerdCam. And if You are using 3D FPV camera in interleaved 3D mode, you can use any OSD is it will work fine. But if You use mode SIDE BY SIDE 3D (SBS), you must use the special OSD, but no OSD modules on the market. To solve this problem, we decided to write a firmware for MinimOSD as it is cheap and popular OSD open source


Today I want to share with you a new firmware for MinimOSDIn this firmware we have added support for SIDE BY SIDE 3D mode.



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Make your 3D FPV Headset with their hands!


Hello friends! Today I want to tell how to make cheap 3D FPV Headset with their hands, which we can use with 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2. For this we will need:

  1. 3D VR headset for smartfone 
  2. Display 5" + control board (no blue screen!)
  3. FPV video receiver

Our headset will be under this scheme:


What would the image was normal, we will use SBS mode 16x9 CROP


And so, back to our headset



Now we just have to connect the wires, close the cover of the headset, and to go into the field to test!

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Today I want to publish a series of pictures on how you can obtain stereoscopic video 3D FPV flight camera The BlackBird 2.

Method 1 - use 1 video transmitters (1 VTX) and 1 video receiver (1 VRX)

In this way we can pass 3D video formats such as SBS, SBS CROP, INTERLACED


Method 2 - use 2 video transmitters (2 VTXand 2 video receiver (2 VRX)

In this way we can pass two 2D video with left and right video sensor


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A couple of months ago when we got the first working prototypes stereoscopic flight camera BlackBird 2, I decided to conduct an experiment - 3D FPV headset from the smartphone. For this I needed:

  1. Stereoscopic flight camera BlackBird 2
  2. Smartphone on Android or IOS
  3. Li-Po battery
  4. Convertor AV to Wi-Fi - allows you to transmit video signal from an analog video camera via Wi-Fi network
  5. Plastic stereoscope - analog google cartboard

The first 3 items I had in stock, and 4 and 5 position I had to order and wait some time, when will come to mail order. And here a couple of days ago, I received a missing device yesterday and conducted an experiment.
Stereoscopic flight camera BlackBird 2 I connected to the  Converter AV to Wi–Fi. On your smartphone Samsung galaxy S4 mini I have installed the app WIFI AVIN, it is in Play Market. My phone has found a new Wi - Fi network and connected to it. On the screen I saw video of 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2, the video broadcast with a slight delay. I have measured the delay – I turned on the black smartphone stopwatch and began to remove its screen camera BlackBird 2. On screen white smartphone I saw the stopwatch with a slight lag. According to the result of the test video delay of 200-300 MS, which is comparable with many digital video cameras like GoPro or Mebius.


The result of the work I was satisfied!


P. S. Power convertor AV to wifi small and should not be installed on quadrocopter. You can connect the convertor to your receiver and see video from the camera on the smartphone screen.

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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 is small, but very cool flight a stereo camera, which will give you a completely new experience from the management of radio-controlled model!
Camera The BlackBird 2 functions:
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE (Fat Shar HD, Sony HMZ, Carl Zeiss Cinemizer and any other device running SIDE BY SIDE, such as a 3В projector or 3D TV)
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16 : 9 (for FPV headset with a 16 : 9 screen)
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE CROP 4 : 3 (for FPV headset with 4 : 3 screen)
• 2D left video + 2D right video - 3D video glasses for 3D Sky Zone
• 2D video
• Exposure setting
• Voltage supply from 5 to 13 volts

Website - FPV3DCAM.COM
FaceBook -

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Today was a nice Sunny day and we decided to record a video c 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2. For video recording we used a 5.8 GHz video transmitter, video receiver 5.8 GHz, the video capture STLab m-320 and a laptop. Video format SIDE BY SIDE Full 4:3 and available for viewing on 3D TV and other devices support this format. The same video can be viewed on a smartphone using Google cartboard, but then the video will be stretched as you need to use the format SIDE-BY-SIDE CROP 16:9... The video quality on the camera is much better than You can see here, since the video capture and facebook are making changes.

P.S. The video quality is low due to the video capture + processing youtube

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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2


Hello everyone! 1.5 years ago we introduced 3D FPV camera The BlackBird, it was a good camera... But progress does not stand still and now I want to present to You the prototype of our new camera 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2...


I'm willing to say that 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 is ready for production, although it is still no OSD we realize later, you will just need to update the firmware). In the coming days10 - 15 June 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 to appear in the store RCENERGY.RU and You will be able to pre-order. The first camera we plan to send customers in early August.


Functions that are implemented in the camera:
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE (Fat Shar HD, Sony HMZ, Carl Zeiss Cinemizer and any other device running SIDE BY SIDE, such as a projector or 3D TV)
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16 : 9 (for FPV headset with a 16 : 9 screen)
• 3D video SIDE BY SIDE CROP 4 : 3 (for FPV headset with 4 : 3 screen)
• 3D video glasses for 3D Sky Zone
• 2D video
• Exposure setting
• Voltage supply from 5 to 13 volts

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Hello everyone! In 2014 we released the 3D FPV camera The BlackBird and then I published my first post here... BlackBird isa good camera, but it had several disadvantages, such as BlackBird gave video in interlaced 3D format, and because of thisvery little video glasses can work with it.



In the middle of 2014 we began work on a new model 3D FPV camera. We have set ourselves the task to make the camerabetter, we wanted to fix all the shortcomings of previous models and to make it as easy to use...

We also thought about the size of the camera, they had to be minimal, but comfortable to use. In this task helped us GoProand plain paper. We decided to make the camera in width, same as GoPro


Here are a few ideas we have laid down in the development of the new camera:

Video – we want to make the camera versatile and for this, we have provided support for various video formats:

  • Support 3D video format SIDE BY SIDE for video glasses Fat Shark Dominator HD, Carl Zeiss Cinimizer, Sony HMZ, 3D TVs and 3d monitors. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Support 3D video format SIDE BY SIDE CROP for the helmet Oculus Rift type. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Format support interlaced 3D video glasses headPlay, Prober EVG 920. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Two synchronized video output for video points SkyZone 3D. For this format You are using 2 standard video transmitter

Here's a video layout for the camera, the video shows several camera modes:

And so looked the layout of the camera :), it is with him we recorded video

3689648373?profile=originalModularity – we have provided a special connector on the front of the camera, to connect various modules, such as module video transmitter or infrared illumination


OSD – our idea is, we want that the application was as simple OSD, i.e., the OSD must be already inside the camera itself...Why use any third-party device?

Voltage – we have provided the ability to connect the camera to various power supplies from 5V to 16V, i.e. You can connectthe camera to the Li Po 2S-4S


Now the camera is at the stage of completion and we will soon announce the pre-order on it.

Follow our news on FaceBook

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3D FPV camera The BlackBird


Hello! Today I want to tell You about the company's product FPV3DCam (, a little and beautiful, you can say first of its kind - 3D video camera for fpv. 

And thus, meet - The BlackBird is the smallest and cool 3D video camera real time.

Let's begin the discussion with the appearance of The BlackBird. The BlackBird is the representative of a class without hull cameras and looks like a small box the size 34 x 34 mm, consisting of two video modules, connected by a two reliable 7 pin connectors. Such design allows to separate modules and change the length of stereo connecting them with connecting cable, as well as detachable design allows setting of convergence.


On the front of The BlackBird are two lens 3.6mm ( maybe 2.5 mm, depending on set of delivery, lenses standard M12), led - indicator, holders of lenses, which are hidden ultra compact high quality video sensors OmniVision OV7950 on the sensor 1/4" CMOS. The size of the array of pixels 656 x 492, image quality 470 TVL.


Rear 3D camera is a board to the locations of electronic components - all parts are soldered to the Board very efficiently and accurately. Also here is an interface connector to connect The BlackBird to the video transmitter (video glasses, monitor, etc) and voltage. By the way, the range of supply voltage camera from 5 to 12 volts, allowing you to use LiPo batteries 2S or 3S.


The outgoing video signal from the camera is transmitted in the format NTSC 525/60, 3D - Field Sequential 3D, which allows to use standard video transmitter in FPV system. And get in the video glasses quality Video in 3D, which allows us to more accurately navigate in space. The person using The BlackBird in FPV, feelings when managing rc model become more real, he feels the speed, volume, perform any complex maneuvers, becomes an easy game... you Can tell people use The BlackBird in FPV begins to look at this world with two eyes that originally given to him by nature.

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