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Y6 Payload Capacity

We are considering using the Y6 for a science project but need to know the payload capacity first. We used the QAV500 in a previous project and were carrying a 1.1lb payload; we are hoping for closer to 2lbs with the Y6.

Thanks for any input you can g

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Arducopter Level Bug in 1.2.46?

Since installing 1.2.46 Arducopter Level doesn't work anymore. When I click on the Calibrate Accel button I get a message that says "Ready to FLY ublox OK" and it won't let me calibrate. I am using APM2.5 with 2.9.1b. When I revert back to an older v

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ArduCopter Level Strange Message

I'm setting up my fourth APM2.5 and when I go to ArduCopter Level I get a message that I haven't seen before. When I click Calibrate Accel it tells me:

"Ready to FLY ublox OK"

It never lets me go through the calibration routine that I've done on my pre

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How to start mission?

Just starting to mess with automated missions and have a couple simple questions.

How do I start a mission without a telemetry link? I see there is a mode that I can set to my radio Tx switch called "Auto". If I switch to Auto mode will my quadcopter

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post pirhouette, jump in altitude?

After I complete a few rapid pirhouettes in succession and release the sticks, I get a surge in throttle with a rapid increase in altitude of a few feet. This is while in loiter mode, haven't tried it in stabilize mode yet.

Wondering what to tune, may

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QAV500 is locked in

After a dozen flights or so, I think I've got my QAV500 tuned pretty good. Put it to the test yesterday in 20mph sustained, 30+mph gusts and it held solid in loiter and came right to me in RTL.

Setup is:

APM2.5 w/ Ublox LEA-6 GPS (awesome GPS!!)

AC firm

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How to upgrade firmware?

If I want to try the latest firmware - 2.9 rc2, how do I upgrade? I don't see an option for it on the "Update Firmware" tab in MP. I also tried Arduino; downloaded 2.9, compiled and uploaded it to my APM2.5  but it still shows as 2.8.1.

Can somebody h

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Lot of Bugs w MinimOSD

So far MinimOSD is a big FAIL, I'm completely unimpressed.

It seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, today it decided to load a panel that I've never seen, couldn't make any sense of it and I couldn't get it to go away with resets and reboots. Had

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Navigating to Wapoints without GPS?

I have a unique situation where I want a rover to navigate to waypoints without the aid of a GPS. Would this be possible? Maybe through use of other sensors... accelerometer, sonar, etc...?

This is for an educational project where GPS nav is not allow

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How to I change APM_Config.h?

I'm trying to set RSSI up for tuning on MinimOSD. I went to the guide and it states:


"Go to APM_Config.h and add: "#define RECEIVER_RSSI_PIN 6"

Note that 6 is the analog pin number where you have RSSI port connected. I have changed it to 6 as I use an

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GPS only through 3DR Radio?

All I want to do is feed GPS data to my ground station. I have the 3DR Telemetry Kit and the MediaTek 3329 GPS. The GPS is set to output binary protocol.

I have the radios talking and have the GPS wired directly into the air radio. Should I be able to

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Need help w/ simple setup - 3dr Radio n GPS

Hope someone here would be kind enough to help me out with a simple setup. I'm very new to this and have a few questions. I don't see much info here on the new 3DR Telemetry Kit.

All I want to do is feed GPS data wirelessly from a model rocket to a gr

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