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Pixhawk doesn't lift


I have a tricopter that was flying just great last week. After i mounted a 2 axis gimbal it didn't want to fly. The motors were spinning ok. It's not too heavy, the motors can lift much more than that. The estimated motor+prop thrust for my tricop

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2 axis gimbal problems

Hi!I have a problem that i can't solve, maybe you can help. I have a 2 axis servo gimbal, the servos are digital.I get movement from the servos, no jitter, but the stabilisation seems to have a problem. It works fine if i point my tricopter east, if

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Tricopters for beginners

Hi!I'm new to this site and kind of new in the RC world.After searching a lot on this forum i didn't find out a good configuration for a tricopter, for a beginner. Please tell me what do you use, what do you recommend. What motors you use, what ESC,

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