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One year in 5 minuets


Hello DIY Drone world....

Well it's been about a year since my last blog (http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/quading-vacation-no-wheels-included). I built a new quad in the spring (photos attached) It has been a struggle but I have it flying great now. Problems with the APM 2.5 (3DR) since day one. First the new 2.5 lost its flash memory. (same problem I had with my APM 2.0). Tried everything , I re-soldered parts of the board, I checked for voltages but no success. I went with it as everything ells was working properly. About a month ago the APM wood fail to boot occasionally until it stopped altogether. Stressing the board would get it to boot. I used a microscope and identified a pad (see photo) that must not have received an adequate amount of solder past during production. I re-soldered the pad and now it seems to work properly. Due to the 2 strikes I felt the 3rd strike will cost me my drone so I have retired the board and replaced it with an ArduFlyer that seems to be performing great for me.

I purchased a brushless bimbal from China for $100 bucks and does that make a difference with to Gopro. The video has a mixture of with and without but you can see the difference. I still have some vibration on the frame but I almost have it mastered.

Some of the flights I did this fall were in some very remote areas at low temperatures (5-10C). It showed me the need for a battery warmer. Initial flight times were unpredictable but once they warmed up they were dependable. I worry that I may be stressing the batteries by charging them cold. I plan to use a small piezolectric cooler/warmer to warm them. (with a thermostat set for 28C). After flying I can use it to keep the beer cold.

As fall is setting in and the temperature is dropping I am starting to think of my next winter project. I need more power and longer flight times.



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Winter Quading

Just a short video of some winter flying in Edmonton, Canada. The first day the temperature was around -8C (17F) the second day it was -15C (5F). I keep the batteries warm until use and didn't notice any decrease in capacitance.  I have a 20ft cord on the FPV ground station so I place the station outside and fly from inside the garage. I have had no problem with reception within 200m.

See my last blog for details on the quad.


I have since flashed the ESCs with simon. I do notice a difference but I think I still need some tuning.

Happy Holidays

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Quading Vacation (no wheels included)


Quading Vacation (no wheels included)
I recently had a 5 day vacation in the foothills of Alberta Canada and took advantage of the great weather to fly my quad. I was able to make 20 flights in 4 different locations. All locations were very remote. The video includes a failsafe RTL when I try to go to far and loose my radio signal. With winter around the corner it was great to have such an opportunity. 
I hope you enjoy
jDrones X1 Frame
JDrones AC2830-358, 850Kv
jDrones 20 Amp ESCs
10"/45 propellers
Turnigy nano-tech 3300mah
ArduPilot Mega 2.25 ????(read)
Arducopter 2.7.3
Xbee 900 Telemetry
jDrones MiniOSD
5.8Ghz Video Transmitter with  circularly polarized antenna  3 lobe
Gopro Hero2
Diversity Duo receiver with circularly polarized antenna 4 lobe and a 3 Turn Helical Antenna
Spectrum DX7s radio
APM 2.25
Since new I have had continuing problems with the data flash card not being recognized. I final remounted the daughter board and permanently soldered the interconnection, then I removed the SD card slot and permanently soldered the SD card in place. I kept the SD insertion switch and soldered it closed. Since this mod I have never had any problems with the card. I was forced to repair the USB connector that became intermittent a month ago. I did this by using an old Blackberry charging station to add the female pigtail USB cable that is permanently mounted to the CCT.
Thanks to the development team for their work on Arducopter project. My quad (with all its modifications) operated flawlessly during this trip. 
Emile L.


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