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Here are some thrust results for triple-blade propellers. I ordered and gathered as many as I could of available triple-blade props. I used an EMAX RS2205-2300KV motor and 4S LiPo batteries. My thrust stand is not the most accurate device, but for comparing propeller and ESC/motor setups it does an acceptable job. I have recently ordered the RCBenchmark 1520 thrust stand for future tests.

Hope these tests results may be of some interests to you: 

Check out the video description for links to Excel spreadsheet with test results

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Dan Edwards of the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory is the principle investigator of Flimmer - a flying, swimming unmanned air vehicle (UAV)/unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV). Flimmer can operate in the air and underwater to significantly improve tactical availability of UUVs in time-critical situations. The concept could have wide-ranging uses, from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) to lethal strike capabilities, to simple information gathering. “Flimmer would be delivering sensors for measuring either environmental parameters, looking for chemicals in the water. Flimmer could look for oil spills and try to find the source of, say, the Gulf coast leak,” says Edwards.;Machinery-Automation

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