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QuadRotor Project, Part 2

Some weeks ago I posted about my quadrotor proyect and showed a video with the Roll controller on a testbench.

Now I'm working with the yaw controller. I build a simple testbench to test the behaviour of the controller. As I said before, I am implementing a digital PID on the arduino MEGA, and I use Labview just to send the commands and visualize the behaviour of the quad.

Here is a small clip of how the yaw controller is working right now. I still have to improve it, but I think I'm getting there. Please feel free to comment or ask any question.

I will add some pics again for those who didnt see my previous post.

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QuadRotor Project


I have started my quadrotor project.

Im using the mikrokopter frame with some additional center plates and a few modifications.
E-flite motors, with E-flite ESC. An arduino MEGA board. A Vectornav VN-100 which includes magnetometers, accelerometers, gyros, and an onboard kalman filter. Xbee PRO modules. Laptop with Labview.

Right now Im testing and tunning my own PID controller. Here are some pics of my quad and a small clip showing the actual behaviour of the controller, which I have to improve.

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