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This year’s black Friday, you can find many amazing deals on genstattu.com. Many are the best deals of the year.

Firstly we are sending out a Xiao mi 4K drone as the prize of the lucky draw, which is worth $589, this is the biggest giveaway on genstattu.com of the year. Whoever come share our event page on their social media account can enter, no purchases required, it’s completely free.

Secondly you can get the best deals on batteries.  We have selected 17 best selling batteries across all categories and give them the best discount of the year. Most of them are rarely on offer but you can find them on super great deals this black Friday.

For RC Aircrafts, 5000mah 3S, 2200 3S batteries are the ones that you will need to keep an eye on. The most widely used 5000 2S Car batteries is also on great deals that you won’t expected. If you are a FPV pilots, You can’t miss the Tattu R-line 1300 95C, 1550 4S batteries. The last but not least, best selling UAV batteries will also be joining in this super deals, you can now save huge amount of money on those high price items. All the best selling batteries will be in the best price around the year this black Friday, they are very likely to be out of stock very quickly so be sure to add them in your cart in advance.

Besides the best selling batteries, there will also be basic discount on every products on genstattu.com. If you are in need for any batteries, now this is the great opportunity.

Finally the buy more save more offer is still on, together with super deals you can save even more, especially on big orders. You can save up to $50 on your orders. Save extra $10 on orders over $150, $20 off orders over $250 and $50 off $500.

This black Friday come to genstattu.com to check out the batteries you need for your daily RC fun. Our super deals won’t let you down.  

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Halloween can be the most fun time of the year, the time of pumpkins, candies, ghosts, witches and of course some great battery offers! It’s been a long waiting offer but finally it has arrived on gensace.de. This is really your perfect time to look out for some great deals to stock up you battery supply. Winter is approaching. Nothing can stop the hobby lovers. Take out your tiny whoops and cars, it’s time for some indoor RC fun. There are also many good deals for your winter RC fun.

First of all, Take up to 70% off batteries. The TATTU 1550mAh 11.1V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack are now on 40% off, while the Tattu 1800mAh 11.1V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery are on it’s 30% off. They are both limited edition good for racing FPV. Don’t forget to take advantage of the €10 off order over €150, €25 off order over €250.

Everyone likes the Gensace/Tattu logo caps. It has been a quite popular items in tracks and quads. Not only it’s comfortable and practical, it’s also a sign to express that you are proudly powered by Gens ace/Tattu. This Halloween we are sending out these caps to orders over €100, for free!


 As above is Gens ace EU Shop : www.gensace.de/halloween

If you are from US, Free shipping on all orders now in US: https://www.genstattu.com/hotdeals.html

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Today, I’ll tell you more about the 18000mah 6s, which is the updated version of our TATTU Pluse. Tattu pluse 2.0 smart battery.

It’s specially made for agriculture spraying, aerial photography survey drones and some others. Because of the stable discharge curve and super large capacity, it provides you long enough flying time for most of the tasks.

It has 6 cells, it’s a quite large battery in terms of the 18000mah capacity. Comes with 15C discharge rate, with max burst discharge rate at 30C. The discharge plug used here is the AS150 + XT150. It comes with a smart casing. Weighted at 2270gram.

Let’s look at some features. The Tattu plus 2.0 smart battery has overheat , low temperature, over voltage and over current protection. Another cool feature is that it has intelligent storage function.

There are many upgraded functions on this battery comparing to the first generation.

For example, the new LED system has replaced the LED flash warning, 4 LEDs on the side are the charge level and battery cycle life indicator. By pressing the power button for different time length, you then know how full is your battery has been charged and even how many services this battery still lefts.

If short press for 1 sec, it will show battery charge status.And if press for 5 seconds: Display the remaining cycle life of the battery


Besides, for these three LEDs, it has different features. When your battery is unuaual, red light will turn on. When the middle LED light in orange, it means you need to charge the battery as soon as possible. Lastly, if white LED lights up, it means the battery is not suitable for storage. And it will active the protection mode automatically.


In this new version of the Tattu plus battery. A brand new design has been applied to the outer case, making the battery more safe and sturdy in different scenarios.  We have add in two battery to battery/ battery to drone connection ports, ensuring the battery is safely mounted on your drone. The Foldable handle for easy disassemble and carrying around.

So this is the brand new Tattu plus 2.0 battery. They are now available on our US and EU online store.

For more information please check out the links below.



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What is the required ESC amps for your motor?

20 amps ESC can be used for 2205 2300kv motors with 5 inches propellers. They are also compatible with motors that smaller than 2205 or slower than 2300kv. For example 2204 2300kv, 2206 1900kv (with 5 inch propellers).


If you are using 30amps ESCs, you should choose motors that are bigger than 2205 or faster than 2300kv, and propellers should be bigger than 5 inches. For examples 30 amps is required for the 2204 2700kv, 2204 3200kv, 2205 2700kv or 2206 1900kv(with 6 inch propellers).


35 Amp ESCs is required when you are using 6s lipo battery for your rc model.


and if you need 30 A ESC, you can view this review of Tattu ESC above

If you wanna buy it, here is Germany shop: http://www.gensace.de/tattu-esc-30a-blheli-s-2-5s-w-dshot-no-bec-prototype-1161.html


USA Shop: http://www.genstattu.com/ta-esc-30a-4pcs.html

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How to preflash Tattu blheli_s ESC


TATTU BLHeli_S 30A Esc is NEW ARRIVAL designed for superior performance in FPV Racing.


Suppot regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125(125-250us),Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us) , Multshot(5-25us),Dshot150,Dshot 300 and even Dshot600and automatically detected by the ESC

High quality N-FET, half-bridge drive and PCB specialized for cooling, only flashed with BLHeli_S firmware.

But how to Pre-flashed it? As the settings below.


FROM USA Shop: http://www.genstattu.com/ta-esc-30a-4pcs.html  ; Free shipping over $49.99 to USA.

Germany Shop:

http://www.gensace.de/tattu-esc-30a-blheli-s-2-5s-w-dshot-no-bec-prototype-1153.html  ;

Free shipping over $69.99 to Germany.

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