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How to get Telemetry from Pin 12 / 13 ?

Hello Everyone,

i am trying to get Telemetry to work on Port RXD2 / TXD2  - (Atmega Pin 12 / 13) for Telemetry and Mavlink instead of RXD0/TXD0.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, i can not use the default telemetry port and really need to use Pin 12/

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Stabilization Algo without setting PID ?

Hello Everyone,

after having bothered the forum for quite a bit and quite some issues setting the copter up (took months, before it worked), many many crashes and broken equipment, i got one arducopter flying. - Unfortunately not for long as it shortl

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SBAS / DGPS + Auto Magnetic Inclination ?

Dear GPS / SW wizzards,

i have just seen a few nice things in the datasheet of the currently-used mediatek GPS:

The MEDIATEK-3329 seems to support

SBAS (Satellite_Based_Augmentation_Systems): WAAS, EGNOS,MSAS ,GAGAN Supported(Default: Enable)

Is this als

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Results of my week-end

Hello Everyone,

i have a question regarding the RTL function:

Does the copter usually fly a direct straight line when using the RTL or does it also fly larger curves ?

In my case, i have brought the copter further away and then switched to RTL.

In the en

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Joystick Arming + Flight Mode Changing

Hello Everyone,

i have just tried to use the joystick the first time, but have a few issues:

Main one: Joystick arming: How do i arm using the joystick or only APM ?

When i enable the joystick, the radio remote does not work anymore - and arming in the

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