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APM2.6 -- servos not working

Before the problem

Yesterday I configured a APM2.6 to plane. Everything was fine, gyro works, 6 flight modes were programmed in Tx and work, GPS also works, among other things.


Second day into bench testing, when toggling the flight mode switch

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OSD flight data disappear when arming


I am running Minim OSD V1.0 on ArduplaneV3.2.3. Power supply to OSD is 2 stages, ie. 12V to video side and 5V from APM2.6.
OSD firmware is R800, Char set mcm

As soon as I arm the motor by pushing the rudder stick to the right, the flight data

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Auto Analysis error message in Mission Planner

I have been using Mission Planner for 2-3 years without problem. Recently, after downloading data flash log via Mavlink  and reviewing the log, I clicked the Auto Analysis button m and got the following error message :--


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