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No GPS Fix?

Well this seems odd to me and no idea what to do.

I have 3DR Quad about a year old - I haven't been able to do anything with it for awhile and just getting back to it now.  APM 2.6.  I have a new receiver and Taranis FRSKY radio so getting everything

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Broken Prop - Prop Tightening


First flight after rebuild (due to tree jumping in way of 3DR Quad) I had a prop break off early in flight.  I tightened the props very tight and not sure that I didn't over tighten.  I was using Turnigy 1147 slow flyer props from HobbyKing - anyon

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APM 2.6 and Spektrum DX7

Hi - I would like to be able to use my DX7 properly with APM.

I am using Channel 5 for Flt Mode with the Flt Mode and Rudder switches.  I would like to be able to use Channel 6 to operate my Tarot Gimbal - due to arrive any day and to use Channel 7 un

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How much room to AutoTune

I've had to do a small rebuild after a crash on my 3dr arducopter - nothing major - cracked arm at the motor mount.  As soon as the weather breaks a little I want to get it in the air again and was going to upgrade to 3.1.  I figure I should run Auto

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First Crash

Lessons learned.  If you think it's gotten more windy between the time you decide to fly and the time you fly it probably has.  Altitude is your friend.  Trees are not.

That being said hit a tree about 15 feet up and broke a prop.  Upside down into so

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3DR Quad - extend legs


I have been searching looking for something that will attach to the stock legs of the RTF 3DR Quad.  Ideally this would be something that I could relatively easily attach to the legs for using a Tarot T2D Gimbal and GoPro but remove for transport

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Wiring for Receiver for Quad RTF

Hi - just received my new Quad RTF and reviewing setup.  The wires that are labelled for the receiver don't match by color the documentation.  I'm assuming the label on the wires would supercede documentation.  Each one is a single wire except for a

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Arducopter 3Dr or Phantom

I've been planning on getting a phantom for sometime but recently it was suggested that I look at the arducopter. I've been doing some research and like the 3dr quad and hex rtf version. But I'm not prepared to get into the intracies of programming a

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