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3D Printed Quadcopter

The project was realized in the Dassault Systemes Fablab. Matthieu designed this summer a Quadcopter with CATIA, Romain made the electronics and the controller part. Using CATIA, all the mechanical parts have been designed in 3D, the core of the drone and the rotor supports, total of 7 parts, produced in plastic ABS with the Cube 3D Printer. Different colors have been chosen to give the Quadcopter a nice look, this thanks to the nice color range support of the printing machine. 3D Printed plastic parts were then assembled with 4 carbon bars to connect the body and the rotor support. Romain for the control board, used a KK2 composed of an Arduino and an Inertial Motion Unit.
The first flight will be performed on Friday 18, we cross our fingers ! Flying time is estimated at 7 minutes. We will record the flight and we will keep you posted :-)
See the video to have the full story in action ! 
You can even see all the details of the project here, and get the step by step approach and the difficulties Matthieu and Romain got during the project
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