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3 Craziest Things Your Drone Can Do

Drone Fishing

Believe it or not the whole concept of "drone fishing" is becoming a growing movement across the world. Individuals who are enthusiastic about both fishing and technology are utilizing their drones for "remote line casting". Now people can base on a beach and get their fishing line far out into the deep water, with no more effort than a 60 2nd drone flight over the swells.

p>As soon as you get the drone over the area where you want your bait in the water, you simply give the line a little pull. It either slides off the slightly upward-bent coat wall mount, or off the quick-release clip. Either approach works well.

With a drone, you can really enhance your odds of catching those prize fish you constantly dreamed about, however might never ever reach!

Drone Cooking

How about cooking with drone? Think about it. The propellers are great for slicing soft veggies or skinning fruit, and what better method to plop things inside a hot boiling pot of water without burning yourself than using a drone?

This might appear silly to a great deal of individuals. I mean, it's difficult to envision risking damage to your $200 drone by utilizing the props to move and dice food. For food enthusiasts who like drones, maybe it's a marriage made in heaven?

If this strikes your fancy, go on and provide it a shot. We 'd love to see your cooking drone-masterpieces in the comments area listed below.

Drone Beard Trimming

I bet at least one of your friends is a bearded man. Tell him that from now your drone is his new barber. Chances are that after your drone will ruin his beard he will need a visit to a real barbershop, or at least using a facial hair trimmer to shape his beard again. But the fun you both will get will be unforgettable.

Now that drones are powerful enough to lift objects (and even people!), the potential uses for them continue to skyrocket all the time. Do you own any kind of drone? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your drone?

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