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APM2 gyro/sensor not level

I have a problem with my APM2 where it thinks it's -5 degrees when it's level. I've measured absolutely everything to make sure it's not my floors, my quad, my construction, etc. Just to show how much it is, I tried to take this picture to show how b

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How to lower throttle µs?

I have an X650 Value V4 and the APM2 but I'm having trouble calibrating the ESCs as they won't arm. I read on another forum that the X650 ESCs run from 200 - 1000µs rather than 1000-2000µs. When I check in APM the throttle goes from 1127 -1927, but w

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XAircraft 650v4 and APM2

So I got a really newb question for you. I bought the 650v4 with ESCs and Motors but no flight controller as I assume that the APM2 could do the job. As I'm waiting for the APM2 I started looking at the connectors, but where on earth do I connect the

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