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Vibe Xok Ybad IMU problem

Hi Group, 

(Quad Tarot 650S, Motor-4114, Prop 15.5

PixHawk FC FW333, Batt 6S, Atun Success, MP 1.3.37)

I have had this problem where plotting the Vibes Graph in MP I find that the X-axis appears ok,

whilst the Y-axis is 'way' diff to X.

I have inspected t

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Quad COG or how well balanced?

Hi All,  ( Quad PixHawk   FW 3.3.3    MP 1.3.37)

Is there a method one can use to determine a craft's COG state, or how

well the craft is balanced?

 I am not sure if this is documented somewhere?

   If so, please point me to the correct info?

I was thinki

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