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HELP - Dead 3dR GPS LEA6 V1.1


Re-building after a crash, I realized my 3dR GPS LEA6 V1.1 is

short-cutting power on my APM 2.0 board.

I am no electronics wiz, but

when GPS is disconnected - APM powers up OK

when GPS is connected -     APM is "dead"

so I can assume GPS is the reason.

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APM2 - No power from LiPo


Following a crash that wrecked my 1st DIY Hash-octocopter,

I have now happily completed my second, SteadiDrone based octo - real nice!

The APM2 board, that lived through the wreck, will now not power from the Lipo.

Power Scheme (4C Lipos)

2X Lipos -

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De-Soldering APM2 pin headers - HELP!


Just got my new Octo frame in from SteadiDrones - Yeah!

... and discovered I need to replace the Top-Side pin headers

on my APM2 with the Right Angled version.

The web was distressingly short of any video guides on the matter,

and I'm weary of destroy

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Main Power Switch for Heavy Octo


Well, I'm just at the end of my APM 2.0 based Octo build

(this has taken ages, and is based on a unique aluminum # frame variant - pics soon!).

The current take-off-weight is around 3.2KG

Power Chain specs:

4s/14.8v  5000ma nano tech LiPo,

8X  Turnigy

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Multirotor Madness

Hi All,

Following Photoship One's "Deca-Copter" and the underlying

assumption that adding more rotors can decrease the power

requirements per motor/esc, while increasing redundancy (motor loss during flight),

also allowing a lighter frame design, comes t

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