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AMSL Alt NOT found in geo-ref tool

Hi, I'm having an issue trying to geo-ref my images.

I'm using the dataflash log, and for each photo get the message: "Photo DSC09916 processed from CAM Msg with 0 ms shutter lag. AMSL Alt NOT found" 

If I uncheck AMSL alt and have a rel. alt base of 0

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CAM Msgs and Files discrepancy

Just flown a mapping mission with the camera triggered using cam_trigg_dist and an IR trigger, but I'm getting a discrepancy between the number of images in the folder, and number of cam trigger events in the log.

Using AMSL Altitude True
Reading log

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Pixhawk as a standalone mapping device

Has anyone used a pixhawk as a standalone device to assist in mapping using a full-sized fixed wing craft?

I'm thinking about setting up a pixhawk +GPS + 3dr radio in a box that would be powered by a 5v BEC. A camera trigger would be connected to the

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Requesting Datastreams keeps flashing up

I've started seeing a problem with my copter, where the OSD will initially work, but once I take off, it will repeatedly flash 'requesting datastreams' and then reconnect and work for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds, before repeating. It never does

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No logs recorded

I'm not getting any logs after a flight.

I'm running version 1.4.17, and I have 'log to file; checked and it says 'log all packets to /sdcard/andropilot. When I open andropilot it comes up with a message saying 'usb link logging'. I have a 3dr radio d

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