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SF Drone meet-up report

SF Drone meet up

 I just came home from the SF drone meet up. It was a blast! Here are some videos and pictures I took there. Thank you Bryan Galusha for organizing this awesome event. Please comment if you attended.

Hexacopter with paintball gun.

Hexacopter onboard video

3drobotics hexacopter flight video


Custom Quadcopter and DJI Phantom flying


Custom Quadcopter at SF drone meet up

3689542744?profile=original 3689542789?profile=original Preparing Paintball Hexacopter3689542902?profile=original Custom Quadcopter picture #13689542860?profile=original Custom Quadcopter Picture 23689542887?profile=original 3d Robotics hexacopter

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Hexacopter fixed and ready to go.

I recentaly fixed my hexacopter which had crashed 2 weeks earlier (Here

This is my best flight since i fixed it.

Changes I made:

1. Moved Apm 2.5 from the bottom to the middle to reduce compass interference.

2. decided not to update to 3.0.1 because I'm familiar with 2.9.1

2. moved telemetry to bottom.

3.moved reciever to top so wires could reach amp.

Thanks to all the people who helped and gave me tips to fix my hexacopter and make it better

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Arducopter crash. Throttle wire fell out?

3689532010?profile=originalI was flying my hexacopter at a local school on june 22. Everything started out great. I was flying it in auto, loiter, guided, and RTL mode. While i was flying my hexacopter started drifting away because of the wind. At witch point i brought it back and tried moving the throttle down to land it, but the throttle wasn't working. I decided to flip the switch and put it into RTL mode, after that the whole thing died, the motors lost power and fell out of the sky. Im not shure exactly what happend but i think the throttle wire fell out.

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