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remzibi osd

I am connecting up my remzibi OSD and do not see a shunt for current  detection,is there a shunt type current sensor for my osd and where do I get one?

Grahame Harvey

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cannot start motors on HEX w/APM1

I had given up on this whole project because the motors keep refusing to arm necessitating me to reprogrammeEACH TIME,but now the arming LED COMES ON but the motors will not start,all conections are correct ,battery is fine,IS THERE A TROUBLE SHOOTIN

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Cannot arm APM2

After reinstalling firmware to over come motors chirping I cannot rearm,

I have checked the switch position and throttle/yaw control values,



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Need assistance finding info

I have been flying my HEX MANUALLY for several weeks,now need to complete installing mission capability,i have MAG,GPS,SONAR, it seems to me that home for my APM is in the atlantic ocean and i live in Qld.Australia,have tried inputting Inclination wi

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Hi Mike so I order Full Ardu Mega kit, triple axis magnetrometer and1200XL max sonar the fully assembled mega kit is not in stock probabley suit me better as have no experience in assembling electronic componentry,can i find out possible lead times o

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