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Wind Damping for Barometer?

I've noticed that the Arducopter holds much more stable altitudes in steady air than it does in wind.


On breezy days, the Arducopter will climb/fall spontaneously while in GPS Hold.  In still air, it holds much better.


Should I be wrapping the barome

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Potentially fatal bug in Arducopter?

My Arducopter RC2 turned off all four motors at about 100' up today, and plunged to its death with no rotors spinning.


I believe there is a software bug or misguided feature at the root of it.


I was using GPS Hold to pin position, and the Arducopter

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MediaTek MTK GPS and "position pinning"

I've been recording the NMEA output from a MediaTek MT3329 GPS with the DIYDrones firmware, and I noticed that it seems 'pinned' when in a stationary position.

Most GPS receivers wander around as the many small errors in GPS cause some natural drift i

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init_gps() called only for EM406?

I'm going through the ArduIMU code to enable an MTK GPS, and I noticed this odd part of setup():
 //Setup EM406 for SIRF binary mode at 38400bit/s
  #if GPS_PROTOCOL == 2

This would imply that only the EM406 GPS configuration ca

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MTK GPS stuck in NMEA mode?

I'm setting up a new ArduPilot+ArduIMU for the first time.

I have the DIYDronesMediaTek MT3329 GPS, and my understanding was that it already has the custom firmware for MTK binary protocol.

When I build the arduimu code (version 1.7), it only works if

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