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Prefetch question

First, a big thanks to Michael Oborne, your selfless effort is much appreciated !

My question, when I do a prefetch, is that prefetch only valid for that specific mission?

I would like to do a short, proving mission in the same area where I would like

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OT, sourcing components

Well, it is somewhat related to our pursuits !

I require 5x  ERA-8SM+ amplifiers from Mini Circuits.

MOQ is 20 devices, not too bad, comes to just over $25, BUT the postage and handling to this end of the world is $100 !!!!!

Any kind soul over in the US

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Thank you !

To the developers, designers, code writers of this fine project.

My final test this morning was switching the Tx off, and watching the plane start, and complete a way point mission.

After the mission, it came back, and started circling launch.



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Faulty System, suggestions appreciated.

Other than my grammar and spelling :-)

I'm looking at a new quad, standard config, built by owner.

Soldering is reasonable, not the the way I would have done it though.

The GPS was connected to wrong socket, on the sensor board :-(

Mission Planner connec

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Saving Mission Log

Hi Michael,

I'm much appreciative of your Planner, but have a small problem, my own I suppose.

Now, I normally spend a lot of time setting up the aircraft, the computer, the link, which implies that I have up 6 or 7 logs now auto downloaded.

I really wo

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Reversing DIP switches

I've asked this before, but never got an answer, or it got lost :-)

How do I check if the rudder dip switch is in the correct position ?


I've now done a few navigation flights, with the dip switch in either position, and can't say I see any difference

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New code broken?

Hey, I'm a noob, but here goes...

Up to the middle of last week, I could quite quickly and accurately use Mission Planner to install the code it auto downloads onto a stock quad.

Since then, after upgrading, almost nothing works for me.

If there is no m

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