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Skylark OSD trace

Hi everyone,Installing the gps antenna and want to know which way faces farward, the part where the wire plunges in or where it doses not plug in?Thanks,Hmerone

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Fatshark TX to Skylark OSD

Hi,I bought the Skylark OSD and need to connect it to my FPV system. I did it wrong before and burned out the Fatshark TX. None of the wire connections fit frome the camera to the Skylark OSD or to the TX so I know I need to solder wires to get every

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Fail safe with DragonLink with NAZA V2

Hi, I was hoping that someone can help with this problem. I have a DragonLink RX connected to a NAZA V2 and wanted to have my quad RTH if radio signal was lost PPM. I tried the DL software and places the fail safe on no output thinking that when I te

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DragonLink with NAZA problem

Hi, I am trying to get my DLV2 to work with my NAZA M2 to power up my ESC.I have a green light on my DLTX and a blue link light on my DLRX I have a wire jack coming out of the NAZA X2 port going into the 7/PPM port of my DL Mini but when I command th

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