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APM2 altitude & barometer question


I've noticed the altitude reading under the "Quick" tab in mission planner seems to vary by a large degree just sitting on the couch next to me (3 - 4 meters). However when I go into the terminal and read the altitude through "test"->"altitude" my

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Advice on connecting ESC's directly to APM2

Ok so I read the seven page thread on the importance of a clean power supply in the hope I would have a definitive answer on the best way to connect my ESC's directly to the APM2 however I seem to be left with a few questions.

I plan to power the APM2

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mix and match ESC's?

I'm getting impatient waiting for a replacement ESC and was wondering if it's ok to mix and match different brands of ESC's? Do I just need to make sure the specs are identical?

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lagging motor

I've been having trouble getting my arducopter to take off without flipping however after re-calibrating the ESC's (i used the auto method) and correcting the motor connections on my PDB it appears that it almost wants to takeoff.

However one motor se

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3D Robotics PDB question

I'm attempting to troubleshoot my 3D robotics quad which i've been unable to get to take off without it flipping. I've run through the troubleshooting steps and done the hand test and the motors command and it seems to be responding correctly to that

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imu roll appears reversed

Just a quick question regarding the imu as i'm having trouble getting my arducopter (based on a 3dr frame) off the ground.

So I'm connected to the APM in mission planner and when I roll the copter to the left (with copter facing forward and the rc pin

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