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Suggestion to improve analyzing logs

I am a newbie and I am tracking an issue with my setup.

So I am looking at specific times trying to figure out what is going on. This is frustrating because it is very difficult to go to a specific point in time.

So here is what would make this a lot e

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Deans plugs - Beware WARNING don't mix!

Wow, I've never seen something like this.

I am testing my new setup and have been using some older Batteries which I believe have HK Deans Plugs. I have been flying my Trex 450 with them and never had a problem with these connectors.

I am setting up a

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How do you update a 3DR radio

I have received an unmatched pair of radios one at V 1.5 one at v1.3I ordered a ftdi cable so I could attach the radio my pc. The mission planner fails with an out of synch message.The radio is in boot loader mode (red led solid on). I need instructi

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Newbie challanges with 3dr radios

This s my first setup with apm2 and 3dr 900 MHz radios.I am in the testing and setup phase and the radio link disconnects randomly every 2-6 min. Some times the green lights starts blinking indicating the radio link is lost, most of the timeout stays

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