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Impact of no GPS

Running 3.0.1 on a micro quad and want to confirm that its okay to run it WITHOUT a GPS....anything that I need to change in Params...like in the AHRS section? I see references to GPS weighting....should I set that to 0?

I want to save the space and w

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Rudder only control with APM

I am considering trying to use Arduplane to control a rudder/elevator only powered glider....I cant seem to find anyone on this forum or RCG that has done this with APM....its been done with many other autostabilizing controllers by simply using the

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Simple GeoFence

While I am new to Arduplane/APM I have been flying FPV for several years with autopilots/pilot assist units. I have been playing with waypoints and AUTO mode and have become concerned about fly-away possiblities if I mess up....the one of the intende

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Arduplane version

I have Arduplane loaded on my APM2.5 in a Skywalker 1680 and working well...it was within a couple of weeks but I dont know which version it was.....is there any way thru MissionPlanner to tell what rev of the firmware is loaded currently?

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Strange gps behaviour

Just got a Skywalker flying with apm2.5 bad with 2.7 firmware....ublox ne-06 with 3dr config...everything works great..except GPS will intermittently go from 6-11 SATs to zero for a couple seconds and back...in steady level flight...mounted on front

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