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Feature request: "Descend" flight mode

When I'm high up in the air, and I want to bring the copter down, I never know how fast is descending. It would be nice to have a flight mode in which the user controls just the Yaw, Pitch and Roll and the auto pilot controls the descending speed.


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What value in LOW_VOLT?

What value should I use for LOW_VOLT parameter for a 3S battery?

The default value it's 9.6, but that seems way too low.

Every time I try to search "lipo low voltage" I find hundreds of contradictory articles. What do you guys use?


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"factory default" values?

I had my quad working pretty well with the default values, but last night I was playing with the Mission Planer and I think I messed up some values and now the quad is not arming anymore.

Is there an option to get all the defaults back, or just a firm

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